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Photography’s meaning has change since the invention of camera until the present day. It has become our journal, game, memory and many other purposes. However, I wanted to explore the opposite purpose of the reason it was invented, making movement to blur out, instead of revealing the object. Finding the right mechanism to make the camera move was my initial challenge.


How can I move the camera so I can’t see the object, but still extract the color to make a palate? As the final result I decided to use circular motion, a perfect way to cloud the view. Using a hand-built 35mm film camera and a modified lens, I placed it in a ball bearing cage that rotates 360 degrees. By releasing the shutter while rotating was managed with the use of a timer on the lens that activates through centrifugal force. I have used this camera for site analysis to understand the color palate of a building or a interior space. 

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