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Running in the winter is hard because of its impossible prediction of the body temperature. Of course it is possible to know the exact number of the temperature but it’s complicated to understand rather or not it would be cold or hot during the running process. Therefore people tend to over dress their garment and during their run, they take it off and wear it on their waist. This decreases the effectiveness of running and it is hard to manage the body temperature.


By finding clues from kinetic facade architecture, I was challenged to create a new system for athletic clothing that could breath and ventilate to manage the body heat mass. Allowing gills where most heat is produced, the openings will manually or automatically will activate to bring in cool breeze. Using fishing wires and elastic materials, the gills are connected to open and close when necessary. The pattern of the gills and the engraving on the Neoprene fabric is traced from human muscle to work with actual movement of the body.

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